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HeLa cell spheroids were generated in Nunclon™ Sphera round-bottom 96-well plates, transferred to 35 mm glass-bottom dishes from Nunc™ and imaged by confocal microscopy. Oxidative stress was measured by using Molecular Probes™ CellROX™ Deep Red stain with nuclear counterstaining with NucBlue® Live ReadyProbes® reagent. No enhanced oxidative stress was observed in this control sample. – Courtesy of Thermo Fisher Scientific

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BioProcessing Journal (ISSN 1538-8786) is a peer-reviewed, quarterly publication that features the latest technological advancements and best practices for the development and production of safe and effective biologics.

Since 2002, the journal has been a leading source of industry trends and techniques for process efficiency with its content specifically designed for professionals in process and analytical methods development, manufacturing, quality systems, regulatory affairs, facility design, and contract services.

Each article is carefully selected for its content and non-commercial nature, and reviewed by one of the best known and respected Technical Advisory Boards in the industry.

BioProcessing Journal is managed by BioProcess Technology Network.

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